Vanessa Lynn Bird

Vanessa Lynn Bird is currently recording her debut EP with producers Mack Damon in San Antonio, TX and Ilya Toshininsky at Jay DeMarcus’ The Grip in Nashville, TN. Her single “Break Away” was released on June 8th, 2017. Vanessa also recorded background vocals on Rich O’Toole’s “American Kid” album (charted #5 on the US iTunes Country Chart) and single “God & George Strait” (charted #1 on Texas radio).

Vanessa has been singing and trying to keep up with her two older brothers her whole life. At four years old, she and her brothers jumped up on stage at a Christmas party and started rocking out to the Ghost Busters theme song. In that moment Vanessa discovered her dream. She acted and sang in school and church productions throughout elementary and high school. She earned a degree in Business Information Systems at UTSA and began performing live.